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Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Week in Summary...

So it is almost a week since my last update, so here is the short version of events...

Tuesday - No Clients, spent the day scrapping and getting ready to travel to Surrey in the evening. Took Georgia to Gymnastics, had dinner and then drove down to Surrey.

Wednesday - Davids Nan's funeral in the morning, followed by lunch with the family in Runnymede. Spent Pam's (MIL) money on a Quickutz Revolution and some dies. Went to Dinner with my family in Weybridge, then travelled home in the evening.

Thursday - Had to squeeze in visits to two clients, but not much else.

Friday - One client visit, followed by picnic lunch @ Georgia's school. We were taking part in "Read for 15 minutes on the 15th", then back to clients only go back to school for 2.40pm to listen to story a darkened school hall by candlelight, I could easily have fallen asleep.

Saturday - David has to go to work at 12, leaving Georgia and I watching Craft Day on QVC. Without supervision I ordered too much, including the TSV HOTP Card Kit with the Auto Delivery in 90 days, DCWV Mini Self Adhesive Stacks, DCWV Far East Kit, DCWV 110 Cards Kit, and the final item was the K&Co Maison 2 Mini Books Kit. While watching I made up the cards, gift cards and tags from the Lisa Bearnson Kit that was on QVC back in May. So David was supposed to be home at 6.45pm, and we were going to a party at one of my Clients, who are moving to Ireland as soon as the school holidays start. Well David had to stay longer than anticipated and finally rocked home at 11.30pm....just a little late.

Sunday - Woken up this morning at 5.40am by Georgia...and David was missing from the bed. So called downstairs and no answer, checked out of the window and his car was gone. So a quick call to his mobile found him back at work, where he stayed until 11am this morning. Once home we spent the day doing odd jobs around the house and garden.

So as you can see much of the weekend has been just Georgia and I trying to entertain ourselves, with me trying to keep Georgia's grubby little mitts off my lovely stash. Lets hope next week is a little calmer.

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