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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ahhh...a full 7 hours of sleep

Well I woke feeling a wee bit better, still rough, but some improvement. I managed to get a proper nights sleep, which is probably why I feel better than yesterday. I think I will still stay at home today, as last time I rushed back into working, I ended up making myself ill again. I learnt my lesson when Georgia was a baby. I went back early from Maternity Leave as my cover left and it was easier to do it myself than try to train a replacement. I worked in the evenings when David woke (he then worked nights), anyway I became exhausted and a chest infection turned into Pneumonia. Since then when I get a cold, I try to slow down and make sure I take care of myself and only go back to work when I feel better...much easier when you work for yourself.

Today will be my last day positioned on the sofa, so I am going to make the most of it and scrap. I want to make a teenie weenie 7 Gypsies book up for David to keep in his work bag, so that he can think of us when he is at work or working away from home. His mates from work are always asking to see new piccies of Georgia. I have painted the cover in Blonde Moments Suet Pudding Black paint, and put a 7 Gypsies sticker on it so far. I think I will put the DVD of the QVC Crafting Journeys hour on that I was sent by mermaid on UKS....that will give me some more ideas.

Just answered the doorbell and my Troll Bracelet is here. I got a phone call from County Jewellers (where it came from) and they asked whether I really wanted the 21cm bracelet as they said the fish clasp was big and made the overall bracelet length 9.5 inches. Well I do have a larger wrist, but that may have been a little big, so I changed to a 20cm. They also said that once it is filled, if I find it too small, they will swap it for the longer length...can't ask more than that. So I have the big fish clasp....I am a Pisces after all. I also ordered a coffee bean silver love my coffee, and finally I got the rose ribbon bead, which I think of as pink ribbon, and reminds me of loved ones who have lost the battle to cancer. I am now looking to order some more. I am having one for Valentines (much cheaper than and my birthday, wedding anniversary and mothers day are all next month. I have fallen in love with one of Jaq's beads (Sgt. Pepper) I am hoping she will have some soon...will have to email her and ask.

Ok, will try to update with pictures later, but I need to get dressed and get Georgia off to school.

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