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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just a relaxing Sunday...

Have had a lovely relaxing weekend, the first in ages. Saturday saw a mammoth house cleaning session. Having been so busy the last few weekends, the cleaning (one of my least favourite tasks) had been slipping. I really like a tidy house, but seem unable to maintain it. I am not sure it is entirely my fault, while David has many wonderful qualities, being neat is not one of them. Anyway housework was completed finally this morning, and then we had vistors for a Sunday lunch. Lyns, Paul, Melissa and Catherine all came for lunch, and thanks to David it was delicious. While waiting for lunch to be served (it had absolutely nothing to do with me, and never does) we had a little photo shoot with the girls. We got some fabulous are a couple of my favourites.

I'm really pleased with how it came out. I love that Catherine's face is in focus and her dress isn't. She has the most amazing blue eyes...such a cutie. Melissa has one blue eye and the other has a fleck of unusual and stunning. In the picture she was playing with cute does she look? The final picture is of my little pickle, Georgia.
She looks so dreamy in this picture...I wonder what she was thinking. I used a technique that I picked up from Kirsty Wiseman. The girls were sat on the deck in the garden, and I stood over them with them looking up into the lense. It produces such fab pictures, will definately use it in the future.

I have another full working week, and on the Saturday I am going to see the family. The plan is to have a takeaway, as an early birthday celebration....I turn 37 on the 20th. It is also my 18th Wedding Anniversary on Mother's Day. For the first time since Georgia was born, David has actually helped Georgia to get me something for Mother's Day...will wonders ever cease.

Anyway, as usual on a Sunday night, I have plenty to do in preparation for Monday morning, and the usual mayhem that it brings trying to get Georgia to get dressed...someday that girl is going to end up at school in her PJ's.


Lynsey said...

Gorgeous girls you phtographed there!!!!

We had a fab lunch, David can sure cook!!!

Louise said...

gorgeous girls and photos well done Caz.