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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a Weekend!!

Had a lovely treat this Mothers Day, as not only is it Mothers Day, but it is also my 18th Wedding Anniversary. David treated me to breakfast in bed, and also bought me a new book...very unusual for him to get me a gift, but all the more special because he did. Georgia had also made me a card at school for Mothers Day, and I was also given a little Pansy to plant in the garden. With David's help she also got me a cuddly giraffe and bear with a chocolate heart, plus a lovely bunch of Tulips and a giraffe card. So I have had a lovely relaxing day of being pampered as we also had Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puds for lunch...yum yum.

Well, as I mentioned the other day, we went down to Surrey to see our families on Saturday. We had a lovely day, including a short trip to Woking Crematorium to leave a card and flowers for my darling Mum. David was cleaning the bench of all the bird poop, and a wonderful job he did too. As he cleaned Georgia and I were standing by Mum's tree (the tree her ashed were scattered at) and Georgia picked up a feather and started to tickle the tree...she said she was tickling Nanny....I could just imagine my dear Mum laughing away, and it was so touching it bought a tear to my eyes.

After that we went to spend a few hours with my In Laws, we had a lovely time. Georgia ate too many ice lollies and sweet, which is entirely usual when we visit. We often laugh that when she visits she comes away "fuelled by sugar". Once we were finished visiting them we went to Tesco's got one of their Chinese Meals in a bag...or 3 bags plus some extras in out case (well there were 6 adults, and 4 children to feed), and went to collect my Dad before going over to my Sisters. My Dad gave me a lovely Birthday Card (as I will not see them during the week, and it saves him posting it), full of compliments, and I had to laugh at the bottom it mentioned that all these traits were hereditary.....from him...cheeky so and so, as I am sure all the good ones would have come from my Mum.

Finally on Saturday I received my Jenni Bowlin March Kit, and also a largish order from A Million Little Things....full of goodies they both were, and maybe tomorrow night at the MKScrappers Crop, I will have a chance for a little play.

Tomorrow I am having 4 Dolly Beads delivered from Jacquie @, I am lucky that she lives in Northampton/Northants somewhere, and her husband, Nick, works in Milton Keynes. All are special orders I have placed over the last couple of weeks. One is a gift for my Mother in Law, and the others are for me. I have also commissioned Jacquie to make me two beads the same called "Georgia" in her favourite colours, so hopefully they will be ready very soon.

Anyway, all in all a lovely weekend, filled with family, love and laughter...roll on Tuesday so that I can be pampered some more.

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Nat xxx said...

SOunds like you had a lovely weekend - congratulations on your anniversary :) xxx