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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a Day!!!

Well it all started off with such promise. The weather was beautiful, we were on time for school, I got to Kettering on time....until, David calls me at 1.15pm, and tells me that he has broken down 250 yards away from the Toddington Service Station, Junction 12 on the M1. So I made a mad dash via the petrol station (to buy a tow rope) and travelled down from Junction 15 to 11, and back up to where he had stopped. After a short trip along the hard shoulder, and through the Services we exited and then called for a tow truck. Why is it that you always realise that you are desperate for the toilet when you are trapped in the middle of nowhere, with no toilet in sight. Anyway a little after 3.30pm the truck arrived and took David back to Chalky Whites in Fenny Stratford who will have it fixed for him in the morning (thank goodness they are one of my clients). So hopefully David should be back on the road without too much delay in the morning.

My ScrapaGoGo April DT kit arrived this morning nice and early. We have a different Parcel Postie this week as the regular one is on holiday, so I got to have a quick look at the kit, which is gorgeous btw. So many fab things in it, that I actually felt inspired to come into my craft room this evening.

Anway, after the excitement of today, I think I will have to get off to bed. I mean who knows what tomorrow will bring after a day like today.


Lynsey said...

a quiet day then!!!

Natalie said...

It really was quite a day wasn't it hun?
Glad to hear the new Scrapagogo kit is yummy, hoping to receive mine shortly, very excited now! :D