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Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Dolly Beads

Tomorrow I am expecting some lush new Dollies. I was lucky enough to get hold of Sirius...and it is stunning. I also ordered a couple of beads a while back. Georgia decided that she wanted us both to have a bead each...the same. So I commissioned Jacquie to make us two beads the same. Georgia said it had to be pink with pink/purple/black dots. Jacquie did a wonderful job and even made one beads ever so slightly smaller than the other. So here they are...

Today I also ordered myself a new Mobile phone. I have two contracts, one for me and one for David, although both are in my name as I got it for him for Christmas many many years ago. Anyway one of the was playing up, and we have an agreement that I get the new phone, and he has my old one. So I ordered myself a new Nokia 7373 in pink, and he will have my Sony Ericsson Z520i.

Anyway I also made something that I can share, the Jenni Bowlin Project Kit this month had these lovely little hangerz in them....and here is my version.

I also made a "Love" Door Hanger for Georgia in the week, and here it is.



1 comment:

Louise said...

Wow Caz, you have some gorgeous things on your blog at the mo. I've not been swept up in the Troll beads wave, so I can by pass them (lovely as they are) but I'm really envious of your canvas and totally adore Georgia's door hanger. Where did you get the 'love' from?