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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mid week mayhem...

I can't believe it is Wednesday already...well getting nearer to Thursday actually. Sunday was the MKScrappers Crop, sadly I didn't do a single thing...although I did teach my first ever class. Well my first IRL (in real life) class, as I did do a class for the Cyber Crop on UKScrappers early last year. Anyway, back to Sunday. The class was a paint can class, now some of the ladies had done them before, but there was some that had never tried. I was really pleased with how it went, even though I was pretty nervous in the beginning. I like to think that even those who had done a paint can before still learnt something new. The kit came from the lovely Jay @ Crafty Wot Name, and each person was able to pick 3 sheets of patterned paper from the shop (without restriction - they really had a huge choice), so we had a lovely selection of different colours and looks. I have a few pictures of those that had them finished.

There are a couple more, but Blogger seems to have reached it's tolerance for me uploading pictures. So I will do those in another post.

This week has been a little quieter on the work front, and I have actually been able to work from home for a couple of days. This worked out well, as I chipped my tooth on Monday, and also bit my tongue (I know, I am a nightmare) and now it is a little swollen...and my speech is a little strange, but is getting better each day, so the swelling must be going down. Hopefully it will be back to normal very soon.

I got 4 new Dolly Beads on Tuesday, plus a silver fair trade bead. I do have a picture, but will post it later.
Well, I am off for a hard earned soak in the bath.

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Lynsey said...

The tins look fantastic and you did a great job of teaching the class.