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Saturday, May 26, 2007

And theres more...

Well I spent most of the day cleaning and tidying the house. There is still more to do, so will probably carry on tomorrow. My Dad arrived at about 1.30 this afternoon, and came bearing a gift for me... This beautiful plant is called an Arum Lily. This plant is a cutting from a plant that grew in my Nannys garden when I was a little girl. My Mum took a cutting of the plant before my Nan moved house, and when Mum & Dad moved they took it with them and replanted it at the new house. Mum always promised to take me a cutting for my garden once we had a house with our own garden (we previously lived in a masionette), sadly Mum died before she got the chance, and it has been one of those things that we never got around to doing. Now I could have gone and brought a plant myself, but it would not have the same meaning for me. Well today my Dad gave me this huge plant that he has grown from one of the cuttings he took a couple of years ago. It may seem silly to some, but this is so important to me, it made me shed a few tears. These flowers were lain in the grounds of the crematorium when my Grandad dies, again when my Nan died, and more recently when my Mum died. Now that doesn't mean I think they represent death, they are just a beautiful flower that has grown in my families gardens for three generation now, and should we ever move house, will be the one plant I will absolutely have to take with me.

Ok, so now onto more from my day. While sitting in the lounge today a noticed a Damsel Fly had taken rest on my lounge wall. I took a couple of pictures indoors, but I was worried that it would get trapped, so I placed a cup over it on the wall, and slid a sheet of paper between the cup and the wall and took it outside. It kindly waited and posed for this picture for me, which I thought was very accomodating of it.

Enough for now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring...apart from rain that is.

Caz x

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