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Friday, May 18, 2007

Birthday Cake & Presents...

There has been a Birthday in the Sears household this week. Georgia was 5 on Wednesday. She woke us up at 5.30am...she didn't even get up that early for
She was really pleased with the PS2 Dance Mat, Leapster game, Hama Beads and Pop Princess CD's we bought her. She also got another Leapster Game, Hama Beads, CD and a DVD from other family members. We had a tea of her choice that evening...Chicken Nuggets, Smiley Potato Faces and Mozarella Sticks, followed by Flake birthday cake.

Today we are preparing for her Birthday Party at Gambado's. This afternoon between the hours of 4.30 and 6.30.m, I will have 21 kids to look out for....thank goodness they give me a helper. David is also finishing at 2pm, so that he can also come to the party. Everything is prepared, we also collected a HUGE birthday cake from Costco, so we are all set.

I will be back tonight with pics of the party and also of the Canvases done at the class I did last Sunday.


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