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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Come on everybody let's clean up the house...

Ok, so I am singing a "Bear in the Big Blue House" seems to be stuck and keeps going around and around....LOL

David got back from Wales last night at 8.30pm, Georgia had managed to stay us so that she could see him...she really missed him...well that's what she told him, even thought she told me earlier in the day that she never missed him...She is learning young!

Today I am on a massive tidy up, as my Dad is coming to stay for the Bank Holiday Weekend, now my Dad is not that tidy, although he is not that messy either. But he spends most of his time at my Sisters house, and she almost always has a spotlessly clean house. So this morning I m calling it "Operation Clean Up". Now you would think that after leaving me alone to cope all week, that David would be here to lend a hand...well you would most certainly be wrong. He was out of the house by 7am this morning. I had just long enough to sit down and drink a cup of coffee with him. Hopefully he won't be gone too long, although I suspect just long enough to avoid having to help with Operation Clean Up...surprise surprise.

Today is also the day of the Wyverstone National Scrapbooking Day Crop with Shimelle. Now I had every intention of going until David announced he was working. Imagine my disappointment when I know there will be lush cupcakes there!!! Lorraine and Janice have said they will allocate one to me, and then take a picture before they eat At least it won't end up on my hips....

Anyway, better stop with the distractions as I really do need to get on.

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