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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What can go wrong next...

It seems tragedy is the theme for our week here. As I type my Uncle is being buried in Cyprus. I have arranged flowers, but sadly I was unable to get over there. I really wish I had been able to, mainly to support my Auntie who was wonderful after Mum died. So just as the service will be starting in Cyprus I got a phone call from David. His Mum had just rang and sadly his Nan has just passed away. She was due to be moved from Carshalton Hospital into a Nursing Home in Sunbury and sadly didn't make it there. She had been poorly for a few weeks, she was diagnosed with Alzheimers last year, but at 96 she certainly lived a long life. If I was superstitious I would be wondering what was coming next...but I am not even going to go down that route.

On a nicer note, Georgia has been going to gymnastics this week with Milton Keynes Springers. She was so excited on Monday night, she could hardly wait till the Tuesday morning. She is booked in for three days (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday). On her very first day she came away with two certificates and badges. She acheived the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards for Level 7 and then Level 6. I think the road to Level 5 will take a little longer, but she seems keen and wants to continue to go on a Tuesday evening. So now we just need to sort out some swimming lessons....seems like most places have some kind of waiting list.

Ok, better get back to my work...I really need to finish it this evening.


Lynsey said...

sending you love and some hugs.

Nat xxx said...

Oh no Caroline. So sorry. More big hugs coming your way xx