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Friday, May 04, 2007

Slowly but surely...

Boy has this week rushed past in a blur. After the rigours of a weekend of Cyber Cropping it took me a few days to recover. I sadly had to work on the Monday, so no time to rest and recover.

This week I have been arranging Georgia's Birthday Party. We sent out approx 20 invites and I think we have only heard back from half of them. I am putting a note in all the childrens Book Bags at School, asking parents to let me know via text what their little angels would like to eat. Maybe this will remind some of them to actually let me know. I decided today that anyone who then doesn't let me know will be removed from the list, and I will not pay for their place. If they then turn up on the day I will pay for them then....I just don't want to pay for unused places.

Tomorrow we are off to Whipsnade Wild Animal Park with the family. It is to celebrate the birthday of David's nephew Sean who will be 3. There will be David's brother Graham and his wife Michelle plus Sean, also Pam & Tony (David's Mum & Dad) plus a couple of Michelle's friends children...and the three of us of course. Georgia is really looking forward to it. She has asked to borrow our old camera, so that she can take some pictures of us and the animals. Daddy told her that if she misbehaves she will be fed to the Lions...LOL, she told him that he would also be fed to the Lions if he was naughty too.

Think that is all for tonight, I will be back tomorrow with animal pictures...blogger permitting.

1 comment:

Bex said...

Hope you had a fun time at the zoo.
I love the LO's you have done for the UKS crop - really striking

Love Bex