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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just had shocking news from Cyprus...

I have just had one of those calls about family living overseas that you absolutely dread. One of my other Aunts called and hold me that at 3pm Cyprus time (1pm here), while on a short motorbike ride, my Uncle Ian was killed instantly in an accident. A Cypriot driver was doing a U-turn on a road and didn't see my Uncle. My Uncle told my Auntie Sheena that he was just popping out for a quick half hour ride...I doubt my Aunt will ever forget their final conversation. Today was their 40th Wedding Anniversary and they were due to be having a family meal this evening. I am still in total shock. I called my Auntie in Cyprus and gave her all our love and told her that we were thinking of her. She said that she really hoped that Judy (my darling Mum) was looking after him. She is in total shock and her and her youngest daughter Sam keeping wishing/thinking that he was going to hobble back through the door on crutches. I remember so well how, when in shock you are in complete denial and are unable to accept the things you are told. She told me that it is also a Bank Holiday in Cyprus and that the autopsy would be carried out on Tuesday with the funeral taking place as early as Wednesday/Thursday of this week. We all wish it was easy to be there for them all, but flights, accommodation, children...well life in general make it virtually impossible.

The realisation that life isn't fair sometimes, and takes those we love away from us without notice has hit home again tonight, and I sit here typing with a heavy heart and tears filling my eyes. Such a sad end to a lovely day. RIP Ian Andrew Byne for heaven has gained another Angel.


mafswife said...

So so sorry to hear your news Caroline, thinking of you and yours

Louise said...

Caz, so sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking aboput you all. Louise (lowrygirl)

lorraineA said...

So sorry to hear your sad news Caroline ((hugs))).


Nat xxx said...

So sorry to read this Caroline. Love and hugs to you, and your family out in Cyprus xxx