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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well David came home late from work last night and announced that he has to go away for a few days to Wales on an urgent job. So now not only is he working all the bank holiday weekend, plus half term, and the weekend after....he is also away until Friday night. With trying to deal with Georgia and work...this makes life hard. I know there are a great number of single parents, and I totally admire that they manage to do it all on their own. All I know is that with no family locally, I really struggle when David has to go away.

Anyway, moving on....I have left my diary nice and empty for the half term week, as I am only working on the Tuesday. I have just booked Georgia into a Gymnastics class....she is going from 10-12 on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. She really wants to do gymnastics, and I think this will be a great way for her to try it before committing to do it every week.

Today I am organising the final part of a surprise for a wonderful lady who has a birthday tomorrow and likes all things yellow and green!!!! I hope everything arrives on time, and would truly love to see the look on her face, and cannot wait for the email/call I will get. It really is better to give than to receive.

Anyway, I am supposed to be better get back to it. I will post more pictures soon as I finish processing them. I just signed up to Kirsty Wiseman's PopaDoodleDoo....her quick buttons to make your photos really pop in Photoshop and Elements....hopefully not much longer to wait.

Ok, I have decided to have a little giveaway....please leave me a comment telling me what your husband/partner has done to irritate you recently.....I will sort out a little bag of stash...when I get home I will collect it together and take a little picture. This giveaway will run all week, and I will choose my favourite and post over the weekend.



Rachael said...

My husband doesn't listen to what I'm saying - he assumes he knows what I'm going to say!

We werein a shop standing in front of the curtain poles:
Me:"Shall we get stainless steel or silver?"
Him: "Steel"
Me: What length do we need?"
Him: "1.60 metres"
Me: "Shall we get thick or thin?"
Him: "Thick or thin what?"
Me: "Curtain Poles!"
Him: "Oh I didn't realise we were doing curtain poles today"

What on earth did he think we had just been discussing?!

lorraineA said...

:lol: I have a good example - DH bought me 'Pro Active' products by Dove (mature skin items) for my birthday:)!

psst, this GoGo girlie had a big happy smile when receiving your surprises - a wrinkle free one actually:)

Maria said...

My husband is hopeless at remembering thing so before i totter off to work i leave him a list of what shopping we need. Last night he said he was going to go to the shop to get a drink.
me - can you get me milk, bread and squash please?
him - what, fron the shop?
me - well yes.
him - oh, ok
Then i get a message on my mobile to call him, this i do.
him - what did you want?
me - what have you got so far?
hin - nothing, because i couldnt remember if it was 3 or 4 things that you needed
me - i need, bread, milk and sqaush
When he gets back....
him - theres no need to get mad with me
me - i knew i should of writen it down
him - what for?

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH this drives me insane and he does it all the time. Maria

Louise said...

He rolled his eyes when I asked him to sweep the kitchen floor. 'nuff said!