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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jimminy Cricut

Yes, I have taken the plunge and ordered myself a Cricut machine. I have borrowed one from a friend and after having it for a couple of months, I have finally used it...and now I have seen what it does I NEED one. So I have ordered one..and fingers crossed I will collect it from the Thornham Retreat with the GoGo Girles later this month. I also ordered this gorgeous little bag to keep it in, but that is coming from the US as I can't find it stocked anywhere in the UK at the moment.How cute does it look? It can carry the Cricut machine and tools plus 12 cartridges. So plenty of space. I decided against the rolling tote as it seems Provocraft are having some production issues and many are being returned, and I can only pull one rolling tote and I already have my XXL.

So for the first time ever I have been Monica I have to tell you 7 things about me that you may not know, so here goes...
1. My teachers at school always wrote on my School Report that I was a chatterbox...and nothing has changed.
2. I was Rose Queen Attendant in Infant School, and did maypole dancing.
3. I met my husband David at Sea Scouts where I was a canoeing instructor.
4. I was too scared to have a baby until I was over 30.
5. I have been with my husband longer than I was without him.
6. I love Asda Pineapple and Mexican Lime High Juice.
7. I used to collect Cabbage Patch Dolls...and still have loads, although I am selling them...I just sold 3 and got £400 in total...enough to buy my Cricut and some cartridges and the bag.

Ok, so now I need to find 7 victims...which I am too tired to do I will save that for tomorrow.

The rest of the week here will be hectic as I had to rearrange my Clients so that I can go to Georgia's first Sports Day at school on Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday Georgia & I are going to her school BBQ from 4-9pm, and David is working again and I have been volunteered to help serve on the long as they don't make me cook then everone will be safe. On Sunday, Georgia is taking part in her first Gymnastics competition with MKSpringers. She is very excited and today she showed me that she can now do a crab...well that is what I always used to call them as a child. I believe they have a more technical name, but I just can be arsed to remember

So it is really late and has taken me an hour to type this off to bed I go.


Anonymous said...

Im gonna start calling you bankrupt Caz ;-)

Ann said...

ok, where did you order that bag from? I wanted it but also could not locate in uk!!