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Friday, July 20, 2007

Last Day in Foundation...

Today is Georgia's last day in foundation at school. I just cannot believe how quickly the year has passed by. Where has my nervous little girl her place is a more confident child. I have pressies made of the Teachers & TA's...let's hope they all like them, and also cards that say "Thank You for helping me to grow"...Georgia will fill them in a sign them in the morning. So now six weeks of holidays are upon us. Georgia is going to Gymnastics every Tuesday & Wednesday so that I can get some work done during those days. I am away the last weekend of the month at the Thornham Weekend Crop with Janice & Lorraine of ScrapaGoGo..and cannot wait. David has to work, so Georgia is going to stay with her Nana & Pops (David's parents). They are collecting her on Thursday and bringing her back on Monday and have a trip to Legoland planned, so that will be great fun. It will be the longest she has been away from me, and will be very strange, but I have to let go at some time, and now is as good a time as any. I have promised to phone her every night...not sure if that will make me feel better or worse...only time will tell.

I took the colour quiz and I am....
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You are slightly confused most of the time. You are beautiful and smart, but things move just too fast for you to comprehend most of it

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Not sure what it means...but who

Anyway off to bed now as I have a busy day tomorrow.

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Hysteri-CAL said...

I'm orange !!! Great quiz xx