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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

She's Home...My Little Princess is Home.....

What a weekend, I had such a fantastic time at the Wyverstone "Thornham" Retreat. Janice and Lorraine were fantastic as usual. They really do make sure that everything they do is well planned and practically perfect in every way.... I got to Janice's house at a little after 1pm on the Friday, we ha a quick drink and chat and then drove the 10 minutes to Thornham where Lorraine, Zoe & Kirsty were waiting, after quick hugs and hellos I started to unpack the clocks...all 27 of them....Thanks to both Zoe & Kirsty for helping. Slowly people started to arrive and the cropping room started to fill up quickly. The Wyverstone ladies are such a loveoly friendly bunch, a real pleasure to spend a weekend with. One of the ladies sitting near to me had a little book of inspiration, where she attached pictures of layouts that she wanted to scraplift. Well imagine my surprise when I noticed that one of the layouts in the book was mine....she didn't know it was me.....such a warm fuzzy glow. The layout she wanted to scraplift was called "Fairy" using the 3 Bugs in a Rug Papers. Anyway Friday evening passed all too quickly, and at 1.30am I just couldn't stay awake any longer, and took the 5 minutes walk in the pitch black back to the cabins.

Saturday arrived all too quickly and with it came another couple of lovely classes and lots more scrapping. I had a mini photo shoot with Stevie...twice...LOL I had the worst headache, no pills, and in all the pictures I looked miserable and in pain. So Ann and Ally offered to be my entertainment, and after dinner we had another go, with much better results. Stevie also took pictures of all the other GoGo Create Design Team members that were there....Debbie, Ifa, Ann, Eileen and obviously Lorraine and Janice. I can't remember ever laughing so much as I did over the course of the weekend...I had tears rolling down my face at one point...Ann & Ally are like a comedy double act....they should come on prescription on the NHS.

Sunday came all too quickly, and before I knew it, it was time to start packing up my stash and getting ready to come home. So the Tom Tom told me it would take me 2 hours and 17 minutes to get home, but I know it usually takes 2 hours...well naughty Miss Speedy did it in 1 hours and 50 minutes on the way home, and got there at 7pm. David had arrived home an hour before, but Georgia wasn't coming home until Monday lunchtime. The house seemed to quiet without her.

So after a good nights sleep I rose at 8am on Monday in anticipation of Georgia coming home...and at a little after 11 am I saw her running up the path with her younger cousins Sean. They banged on the front door before I got a chance to run there....I opened that door as quick as I could and scooped up my precious little princess and spun her around and squeezed her until we could hardly breathe. I missed her so much, more than I ever thought possible. She looked so much more grown up as she came can they grow up so much in just FOUR is it possible.

Anyway we had some lunch and a quick bounce on the trampoline followed by a walk in the park to feed the swans and ducks. At 6pm Nana, Pops and Sean left, and Georgia and I had more cuddles until she fell asleep in my arms. David finally came home a little after 9pm, and missed out on the chance of cuddles, luckily this morning he managed to go into work about 30 minutes later than usual, and had the chance of some cuddles.....I don't think he will be home in time for more this evening. Anyway I better get a move on as Georgia is off to Gymnastics today and I need to get her there by 9am.

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Ann said...

double act indeed! T'was a great w/e with great company xx Thanks for being my toolkit buddy xx