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Monday, July 16, 2007

Proud Mummy Moments....

This month has been filled with Proud Mummy Moments. At the beginning of July, Georgia finally managed to recognise all 45 of her Foundation Key Words (she knew them before this, but when tested she tended to panic and forget). Then on Friday we got her School Report. At the beginning of the school year her teacher, Mrs Kirkpatrick, said they she expected the majority of pupils to get at least to 7 on the scale. By Easter Georgia had already achieved that in some areas and was close on sixes for the rest. Well her final report has her on 2 7's, 5 8's and 6 9's, giving her a final mark of 108/130. I am so proud of her, she has started off so well, and is really looking forward to starting Year One in September.

On Saturday we went to the schools Annual Barbeque. The weather gods were smiling down on us and the sun shined all day long. Georgia had such fun, she had her face painted as a pink bunny rabbit...Boy did she look cute. The local Fire Station were supposed to be coming to open the BBQ, but they were called out so didn't show up, then just after 7pm a Fire Engine pulled up at the school. It seems the night shift had come on duty and seen the booking in the diary, and came out instead. The kids were so excited and Mr Upton, the Headmaster, called upon my photography skills. I seem to have become the official unofficial photographer of the school events...what with the Football match the previous week, and my 112 pictures in one hour..LOL. Anyway I was tasked to take pictures, and take them I did. I was standing just behind the fireman in the door, but was having trouble getting a clear shot. The fireman had to stay put because of the health & safety issues of the small kids in the is a long way up. So I cheekily asked if I could sit in the front and take shots of the kids over the seat...and permission was granted, much to the envy of many of the other Mums...hehehe...if you don't ask you don't get! Anyway I took approx 300 pictures on the day, and now I am trying to get them all processed and converted to JPegs ready to hand over to Mr Upton. Georgia had a lovely day and spent the whole day with her friend Hannah and by 9pm she was tired out and ready to go home. Both of us have been bitten to death by gnats, Georgia has 9 bites covering her middle legs and ankles, and I have 2, one on my foot and the other on my elbow.

So the next Proud Mummy Moment came yesterday. Georgia was entered into her first Gymnastics competition. She only started with MKSpringers during the Whitsun holiday, and only does an hour per week. But she continues to improve and her confidence grows. She was so nervous, she told me she was too scared and didn't want to do it. I was reluctant to force her, so just persuaded her to get ready and if she really didn't want to do it, then she didn't have to. So we are in the queue for registration and we see her friend Alice from school. While we were in the registration queue the gymnasts were called to go and warm up, so off they went together. Anyway I could see her warming up, doing her bridge (I always used to call it a Finally it was her turn to go on the first piece of equipment, a beam...they have to run up and then stop, climb on and walk along and do a lovely jump off to the finish position. Here is a picture of her waiting in line for her turn....too cute...
After she had done there, she went over to do her floor routine. All the younger gymnast had to do the same routine. For the first time ever she did it perfectly, the best I had ever seen. At the end they were all lined up for the prize giving. We seriously never expected to win anything she entered for the experience and for fun. So you can imagine the surprise we got when her name was called out...for First Place....she won a GOLD MEDAL.....yippeeeeeee Here she is having just received her medal. Please forgive me on the picture quality, but the venue was a photographic nightmare. Indoors, no natural light, flourescent lights, we were sitting on a big bleacher style seating thing, and it moved when people walked up the what with using a zoom lense with no tripod and poor really challenged my limited photography skills. Although I did feel better when Alice's parents told me they hadn't managed to even get a single half decent shot. The amount of pictures I had with people blurred heads in was


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