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Friday, July 13, 2007

{The Spitting Saga and Sports Day}

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but forgot. On Monday while emptying Georgia's book bag, I found a little card. I asked Georgia if she drew it and she said it was from Cassie, I asked her if Cassie was her friend, and she said no. When I looked inside the card Cassie was saying sorry, but I couldn't work out what she was saying sorry for. I asked Georgia why, and she told me that Cassie spat on her. So I then tried to find out details from her, but she has a memory like a all young kids. Anyway I sat there brooding all evening and analysing events from the day before in the school playground. So on Tuesday morning, I pulled one of the teaching assistants aside and asked what happened, she was unsure but promised to get to the bottom of it. So Tuesday afternoon when I collected Georgia from her afterschool French club, Mrs Kirkpatrick came out to see me. She was very apologetic and disappointed that we had been let down so badly, seeing as how they had not told me what had happened. It appears that there was a substitute teacher in that afternoon and was supposed to have talked to me, and didn't. The following morning they thought all was ok because I was fine....well I would be...BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW..... So they explained what happened and that Cassie had been given a yellow card (Georgia tells me she gets them regularly) and that it is being treated seriously. I know the school have dealt with it, but what annoys me most is that Cassie's Grandma asked other parents in the school playground who was Georgia's Mummy, and one of the Mums that I am friendly with said "This is Georgia's Mummy", while I was standing there, and she said nothing....I thought that was strange, but then I didn't know about the spitting incident. Yesterday I talked the Mum who was there and she knew all about it...Cassie's Grandma had told her. She also told me that Cassie lived with her Grandma because if she didn't Cassie would have ended up in care. If I had been in her place and Georgia had done something to another child, I would have made a point of going up to the other parent and talking to them, even apologising.....maybe I am just different.

Why do kids feel the need to spit, maybe they have just seen too many older kids and adults doing it. It is a disgusting habit, and one that seems all too common these days. You walk along the streets seeing young lads spit. Why do I want to see everyones spit on the is vile.

So today is sports afternoon, I have my camera charged and at the ready....lets hope for some great shots. I mean I took 112 at a one hour football match last week, and I was worried about the battery going who knows how many I will take today...obviously weather permitting...they will cancel if it rains.


Anonymous said...

I've read your comments about the spitting incident and see from your profile that your daughter is 5 and assume that Cassie is the same age. If she is living with Grandma to prevent her being taken into care, I think she must be a bit damaged and shouldn't be frowned on too much for spitting. It is disgusting, I agree, but the little girl has had a far from 'normal' upbringing and needs a smidgin of understanding.

Caz said...

I do understand that she has probably been through a great deal, but then I never said anything against this child. I am more disappointed in her Grandma who made a point of asking someone to point me out to her. Anyone who knows me, will know that I am not judging, I was merely recounting the events taking place in my life. This little girl has problems, and I can only hope that her family gets her some help before it is too late. I always appeciate comments on my blog, but am always suspicious of anonymous comments. And with respect my comments on spitting being a disgusting habit were merely a comment on things I see people doing...not usually little children, but more commonly adults...who should know better.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Well I personally think spitting is disgusting no matter what problems children (or adults) have experienced.

We wouldn't excuse someone walking up to a child and slapping them because they've had a bad day or a bad life .... and I certainly wouldn't excuse spitting.

My (primary school)son was spat on by a pupil from my own school (senior school - although the pupil from my school didn't realise it was my son) .... and believe me, the day after I went into school and caused an almighty scene. The child was reprimanded accordingly, AND the childs parents were brought into school.

I'm sorry but spitting at any age is absolutely disgusting.