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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just to Clarify...

Thanks to my anonymous commentor I feel I must pass comment on here. I do appreciate and understand that Cassie has probably been through a great deal, and could well be emotionally damaged by all she has been through. I do not condone what she has done, but by the same token neither am I slamming her. I was merely commenting on events happening in mine and my daughters life, and that I was disappointed in the breakdown of communication from the school, and in the Grandma who obviously made an effort to find out who I was, but to then say nothing.

Anyway, enough on this matter. Sports Day had to be postponed today due to the weather. They are hoping to hold it on Monday, but I am not holding out much hope as the weather is not supposed to be any better then. At least we have the BBQ tomorrow, which should be fun. Georgia tells me she wants to have her face painted as a I will try to get a picture.

Ok, bed is calling....nite nite.

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