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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Toot Toot...{for me}

Well the last few days have been busy as usual. I was a woman on a mission after the crop on Sunday. Monday morning after I dropped Georgia at school I needed to pop to the chemist, so while there I went into InStore to get the clocks for next months crop. So the ladies did look at we strangely when I told them I needed 45 clocks...LOL. So they helped me get them down and put them into a cage for me and wheeled them to my car. So 20 are for the ladies at the MKScrapper Crop in August and 20 are for Lorraine @ ScrapaGoGo, the extras are all mine, all mine I tell ya. I need to go back and get a couple more as I have had a couple of requests from the other girls on the GoGo Create Design Team.

So back to the toot toot bit. Well I emailed Bam Pop and told them about the clock I had altered with their products...and they wanted to see a picture, and they want to add it to their gallery....the exact words of Jen were that she loved it. I am so thrilled as there are so many fabulous pieces of art from many talented ladies in that gallery. The gallery was actually what inspired me to buy the papers in the first place, and then I just needed to find the courage to use them. They are quirky and fun, and exactly what I wanted for the clock for my Sister. I think she will have fiun filling in all the speech and thought bubbles with things that her kids say.

So today looks a little brighter on the weather front...I can actually see some blue sky and sunshine, although I doubt it will last long. David is finishing work early, he has been working weekends for the last 6 weeks without a day off and the chores have gotten behind. I just can't do it all alone. What with working and running around after Georgia, trying to keep the house tidy and anything else that life throws at me...I just don't have enough hours in the day.

I will be back later with some instructions for the clock as a couple of people have asked me to post them here.

Hope everyone is waking up to sunshine today, and that you all have a wonderful day.

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