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Friday, January 18, 2008

HS:MS Dangle

Today's prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "dangle". To hang or swing loosely. Find 'dangle' in your space today. Well this is my AMM Toteally Cool 2....and from it I hang loads of keychains and now a 6 book rings. Four of them have little bags with clear stamps in, one has Bazzill stitching templates on and the last one has my ATB "dymo" tape writer refils.....I do like to have everything to hand when I create.....although the thing I create most often is....A

So pleased it is Friday. I have been busy work wise...and last night managed to finish the two tax return spreadsheets that I needed to complete. Tomorrow Georgia and I are going down to Surrey to visit my Dad and Sister as we haven't seen them since 27th December when we came home. Sunday is my day of rest....and craft, although David is working all I am left to entertain my monster all alone....

Ok, coffee time I think...then crafty time.


Rachael said...

Congrats on finishing the yucky stuff yesterday. Your dangle is just asking to be rummaged through! x

Louise Woolford. said...

Ooooo love your dangly bits, bet theres lots pf yummy stash in there.
Thanks for your comments and I wish you luck with your healthly start too :o)

etteY said...

I so envy you, you have all the cutest stuff that i like! lucky you! LOL!

great dangles :D

Jen said...

thats one full tote!
great dangle :)

Jenga said...

oooh nice dangle ;)