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Thursday, January 31, 2008

HS:MS Organise

Today's prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "organise". To arrange things and allocate a place for them. Show us 'organise' in your space. Last weekend, after months of moaning about the mess that is Georgia's "creative" area...I went to Ikea and bought some new storage for her. I spent most of Sunday going through her stickers, paint, stamps, papers, name it...there is bound to be some in there somewhere. Anyway after much clearing out, she now has a tray for each of the different things she loves to do....and I have a lightly more organised area in the kitchen.

Isn't the weather awful today. I got blown about all morning and then on the way home at lunchtime, I got soaked to the skin. I came out of the office and there were ht me in the right eye and I couldn't see...I had mascara running down my face and looked a right mess. I drove home with water dripping off the end of my nose....and am still drying out as I type. Snow is predicted for tomorrow...but it is unlikely to be much for us....but who knows, the weather forecastors have been known to get it wrong before.


Rachael said...

We have that storage, I love it! We have our fingers firmly crossed here for snow tomorrow and over the weekend. In answer to your question I use a Canon SLR and I have just got a Tamron 28-75mm lens for it, thanks to some advise from Anita. x

JanMary said...

Great shot, and great minds think alike. I have just bought the same storage system from Ikea. My shot is of one of the drawers from it.

JACKIE M said...

Great shot, love the colours =0)

Rach said...

Fabby shot. Ouch hope your eye is feeling better and that you are feeling a bit brighter today xx

Marina said...

Great shot. I love the storage unit :~)

Di said...

Oh I had a unit like this from Ikea when my lot were little. I had blue boxes. Hope you're ok soon. Yeah - we've had horrific weather all day! x