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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

HS:MS Steam

Today's prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "steam". A hot water vapor. Find 'steam' in your space. Now I have tried and tried and I don't know how Anita and Kirsty did it....I really struggled...anyway here are my best two pictures....

The first is the steam that gathered on my glasses while I tried to get a half decent shot and the second is of the kettle after it had boiled. Again not as good as I hoped...need a few tips from the ladies on how they achieved their photos.
Feeling a little better today, stomach is settling, and my appetite is returning slowly...have actually managed some toast this afternoon.

Anyway, got to dash to the Post Office to collect six parcels....not sure what they are as I didn't think I had six on the way...oh well, it will be a nice surprise.



Rachael said...

Great shots. It's so exciting when you get an unknown parcel. x

Sarah said...

Great shots. Don't you just hate it when your glasses steam up?!

Kerry said...

I thought "Steam" was tricky too. At least you managed to get some in your shot :)


Jolanda said...

The glasses are a great take on the word!

Shannon said...

I love the second one and the swirl and the cup in the background! That is my favorite.