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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HS:MS Tube(s)

Today's prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "tube". A hollow, usually cylindrical body of metal, glass or plastic used especially for conveying or containing liquids or gases. You have tubes, right?

So when I saw the prompt at work, I knew exactly what I wanted to do...but needed to wait until I got home. These are rigatone pasta tubes...artistically arranged.
Here is something else I have made recently. This is a Creative Imaginations Bare Elements Gift Card Holder that I bought from HobbyCraft in the sale at a cost of just 99p each. I have decorated it with CI Narratives papers by Karen Russell...and added a photo where the card would be placed...I think they are fab. I made two very similar and gave one of them to a friend.


JACKIE M said...

Great idea and photo . Love your frame too.

Sarah said...

You were right, fab idea! Great shot too :-)

Louise Woolford. said...

fab tubes, love the photo.

Bobs said...

Great take on the word today, Caz.

I really love the photo frame. So clever and so pretty!

Louise said...

great idea with the card holder.
Very impressed with your artistic past tube arranging :P

Rachael said...

Great shot I love the reflection of the tubes in the glass. x

Darcy said...

Great tubes, we like tube pasta too, can't be doing with the bow shaped ones.