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Thursday, January 03, 2008

HS:MS White

Yipee, the ladies of Her Space : My Space are back...boy have I missed their daily photo prompts. Anyway, todays is "white". The opposite of black, the colour of milk or snow. find 'white' in your space today.
Ok, so we are expecting snow, but it is only just starting and almost impossible to see...although it is absolutely bitter outside Georgia and I are staying home in the warm. Anyway, back to the the snow is not here yet, I have taken a picture of "The White Stuff" the TV ad goes.

Got to love yummy and good for you.

Took delivery this morning of David's new lappy for work, and also a 3 USB Modem so that we can get internet access over a mobile signal for when we are both away...which will be more this year than in previous years. So a busy morning here as David's car also broke down yesterday morning, leaving him stranded at home unable to go to he worked from home. Anyway the car was just collected on the back of a recovery vehicle and taken to the garage that I work at...and hopefully will be repaired without too much cost...been one of those days time for a nice hot cup of coffee and curl up on the couch to get warm again...and wait to see/take pictures of the first snow of 2008, should we get enough to take a photo of.

ETA...Here in the UK you can still have your milk delivered, although most people don't and buy from a Supermarket. In line with my belife in buying local whenever possible we have our delivered by a local dairy....Taylors Dairies. It does cost more but the farmers are getting a fair price for the milk rather than the likes of Tesco and Sainsburys forcing farmers to reduce their prices. So three times a week I have fresh milk delivered to my door in glass bottles.


Bobs said...

Great shot, Caz. I haven't seen milk in bottles for such a long time!
It's hailstones here just now!

Bambi said...

love milk!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a milk bottle in a while either :D Great shot.
Happy New Year too :D

Shannon said...

Not a fan of milk, upsets my tummy! But you have a great shot of it! Does your milk really come in the glass bottles? If so how cool is that? Does it get delivered daily? WOW! No delivery here and ours come in a plastic jug and it is a gallon.
Our milk commercials are "got milk?" Have to blog about that on my other site today!
Tandum controled, anyways I am doing the A to Z journal and am very excited about it!
Later Gator!

Jen said...

fantastic shot caz!
i wish we could still get milk in glass bottles

Aubrey Harns said...

I wish I could have milk delivered. They don't do that here. I would do it if they did. Great shot for today too!

Jenga said...

Great shot - milk looks so "real" in glass bottles :)

Louise said...

gosh I haven't seen milk in a bottle for ages... great shot

Sue Nicholson said...

Great shot Caz. the great British milk bottle . . . cool :-)


Jolanda said...

Great idea!