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Friday, January 25, 2008

HS:MS Three

I didn't think I would be playing along this morning. I woke up, had a wash and washed my hair and when I came downstairs I was hit with crippling stomach pains, and suddenly had a hot flush followed by a cold clammy feeling....and promptly doubled over in a heap on the hall floor. Poor Georgia was pretty scared and managed to bring me the telephone and I called David. Georgia was such a sweetheart and got herself a pain au chocolat for breakfast and got herself washed and dressed. I called Sarah (Georgia's bestfriends Mum) and she kindly collected Georgia and got her to as you can see pretty eventful. I am sat on the sofa now and the pain has lessened, but I am still not feeling so good...luckily I was able to rearrange my appointment. Anyway back to HS:MS today's prompt is "three". One, two...three. Somewhere there is 'three' in your space today!
Seeing as how I am still feeling rough, I have kept it simple, and to something that was right in front of me...and always is, and that I didn't need to do anything to.....I had a fab idea to take picture of my 3 Mobile Broadband Dongle...but David has taken it with him to work. So this is a Venture picture that hangs in the lounge. It was taken a couple of years ago...Georgia was 3...ok, so another three...and it shows pictures of the three of us....Ok, so actually this is a fantastic many three's...LOL
Anyway, back to slobbing on the sofa for me....hopefully I will be feeling well enough to pick her up after school this afternoon....fingers crossed.
PS.....I will be back later with pictures of the Urban Lily Secret Keeper Board Book.


etteY said...

Fab photo! I hope you feel better soon!

p.s. Can you please send my regards to your mom Diana? I haven't seen her lately, I wonder how she is. I miss her!

thank you!


Louise Woolford. said...

love them photos, hope your feelinf well soon caz and thank you for your comment

Kate said...

lovely photos of your family, hope you feel better soon

Rachael said...

Beautiful threesome. I really hope your feeling better soon Caz. x

Di said...

Oh Caz, that was me yesterday. Almost exactly. Mine's monthly stuff . Ugh! Really hope you feel better soon. Oh and I love those photos. Just beautiful! x

Bambi said...

hope you feel better soon. and nice three (^_^)

Bobs said...

I love those Venture photos - they always seem to turn out brilliantly!

But Caz - I really hope you're feling better now. Take it easy and if it doesn't go away ..... get thee to the docs, young lady!

Jolanda said...

Great picture! Hope you're feeling well soon!

Darcy said...

oh nooo sorry you feel so rough. Lovely photo though, hope you feel good soon.x

Maz said...

Aw Caz you take it easy OK? Your body is telling you to rest so don't jump up and start doing things ...
...your 3 is great today, in lots of ways

Sue Nicholson said...

Rest. Rest. Rest.

You are allowed to. You are not Superwoman and you don't need to try to be :-) Hope by now you are feeling much better.

Also not 100% yesterday and today . . . time of the year for me rather than month though! :-D

Love this shot. Really good take.

Bye Sue :-)

Louise said...

hope you are feeling better by now, great take on today's prompt

Marina said...

3 beautiful pictures, hope you feel better soon. Marina :~)

scrappermimi said...

Great photo, hope your feeling better too!