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Monday, February 05, 2007

Dullsville Milton Keynes...

Nothing very exciting happening her today. Started the day on catch up after oversleeping. Why does my daughter Georgia sleep in on the day we need her to actually wake up early...when all weekend she woke us up just after 6am??? I wish someone could tell me. Georgia and I took a quick trip to the local Poundland store and came away with three carrier bags full, and my purse £34 lighter. I got some bling hearts, mini scrapbooks, mini staplers with coloured staples (just like the Making Memories one, except they only cost £1)plus a few girles pressies for my pressie drawer...I do like to have a few cute things in never know when you will need an emergency pressie.

The Postamn in the morning will see the arrival of my new Troll Beads. I have 5 coming....I ordered early for March....and just need to persuade David to let me have them early.

Tomorrow I am working out near Banbury. While on the quest for Troll beads I found a jewellers that sells them in Banbury, sadly I have so much to do at my clients, and not enough no trip to see them all up close and personal.

Time for bed now, but I will leave you with another piccie. I bought a 7Gypsies Portfolio Kit from Art from the Heart when I was at Thorpe Park on Saturday, and covered/made it up yesterday. I am going to use it to keep all my business receipts in before they are filed with my accounts. I always end up with a purse jammed to bursting with them...and this way they will be safe.

Time for bed.

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