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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yay my Valentine Dolly Beads arrived...

Well I came down this morning to see that Mr Postie had delivered my first 2 Dolly Beads. Well all I can say is they are lush lush lush....totally gorgeous. They each came in a little poink pouch, wrapped in pink tissue paper. Both pouches were placed in a plastic baggie and in the baggie was 2 choccie hearts a small roll of sweethearts and loads of confetti hearts. Georgia snaffled the sweethearts pretty sharpish, so I hid the 2 choccie hearts to enjoy later.

So here is a picture if my bracelet with the 2 new additions, they are located one on each end.How lush are they?

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micayla said...

OOOH pretty!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.