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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Crocs...

Finally managed to get back here with a picture of Georgia's little Purple Mary Jane Crocs. They look so darn cute on little feet. She was over the moon that she now has some shoes like Mummy.

She especially adores the large flower Jibbitz. I have some butterflies on order, and I don't expect to get a look in.

I also got another cute parcel today....My Momiji Dolls. They are so flippin' cute. It is all the fault of Tracie Hudson...I saw them on her Blog and fell in love...and got myself 2. These are the sort of little gifts my Mum would have bought me, had she still be alive.

I really miss the little things at the moment. My Mum & I would often buy little gifts for each other for no reason at all. I would be shopping and see something that I knew she would like, so I would buy it for her. Never anything really expensive...usually silly things like a little bracelet, keyring or a funky pen to put in her handbag.

Whenever I visit my Dad, I still see so many of those little trinkets. There is even my Mum's work ID card on a chain, still hanging from the cupboard where she put it almost 4 years ago. It's been touched, but nobody ever moves it. And also a little heart post it note with a message for my Dad saying that she loves him. It is almost as though time has stood still.

I remember the final gift that my Mum bought me. From Christmas to March, she teased me about already having got my Birthday Pressie. She was so excited to see my was as much as she could do to hang on and not give it to me right after the New Year...anyway March rolled up, and when I opened the box, it contained 2 Nao figurines, that completed a set that I started years before. They were the playing cards, that had been retired, and I had search and searched for the missing pair. I had the heart and the spade, and she managed to get me the diamond and the club....I treasure those gifts, and they are one of the few ornaments that I have in my lounge now..and they are kept safely away from little Georgia fingers behind glass in a display cabinet.

Wow, I went off on a tangent again this evening. This happens to me each year as my Birthday draws near. Oh well, off to bed, I can hear it calling out to me. Caz x

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Anonymous said...

Caz- you've started me on another addiction now. I've only gone and bought some for my mother.LOL