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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

Wow what a weekend. I am shattered, but we had a fab time. Learnt lots from both Kirsty & Natalie, and I am no longer scared to take my new DSLR off Auto. I still have loads to learn, but I am getting to grips with the basics of it. Now all I need is more time to practice.

Took us approx 3 hours to get there on Friday evening, and a little under 2 hours to get home...what a difference that hour makes.

Will share a picture from the weekend. The first part of my morning was spent with Kirsty where we learnt about Aperture Priority. The picture of the flower was taken indoors under flourescent lights. It is dull, and not very good. Now the same picture taken with a lower aperture, allowing more light in...and the results are a huge improvement. I love this kind of picture, the subject of the picture in focus and background is blurred. The colours in the picture are now a true reflection of how the flower looked in the hall we were working in. I know the knowledge gained from the course is going to help improve the quality of my pictures. If anyone is thinking of taking the it. I know Natalie is running one in the South of England, so go along, you won't regret it.

In the second session we worked with Natalie on Shutter Priority. We took some photos moving objects. The first we had to keep the background in focus and have a moving object go through the shot. I had mixed success with this indoors as I couldn't keep the camera still enough without a tripod. When we went outdoors, the results were better. We certainly got some strange looks. There was a group of us lined up along side the road waiting for the cars to pass by. Some drivers were speeding, and were perfectly safe from our camera...we would not make a good speed camera. Others slowed, and some even honked their horns... Here is my favourite

The next thing we had to do was take a picture of a moving object, keeping it in focus, while blurring the background. This was impossible for me, not sure about any of the other ladies, but the cars were going to fast for me.
I will have to try again. Maybe I can get David to drive pass the house a dozen or so times until I can get it right.

After lunch we had two fab classes one by Kirsty and the other by Debbie. I will take pictures tomorrow. I also took delivery on Friday night of new Troll Beads, will also show pictures tomorrow.

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Jen said...

it sounds like you had a great time! when i can afford it i will definately be going on a course like this!