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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Troll Beads...

The Postie bought me a parcel this morning.....yay my new trollies are here...all 5 of them. Here is a picture of my bracelet now, I love it. I have placed a back order for some stop beads....hopefully they will come back into stock soon. The one on the left is the aquarium bead, next is the infinity knot (3 knots) then is my rose ribbon, followed by the zodiac pisces/cancer bead, then comes the pink bud beads, then my mocha bead, and last but not least the cappuccino bead. I think I got all their names right. Will be back later with more...but just wanted to share the picture.


Anonymous said...

Ooh it looks pretty :o) xx

Lisa-Jayne said...

Its LUURRVVLLY! I really like the Aquarium bead and I do keep tropical