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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Off on a Photography Adventure

Well we set off tomorrow afternoon for Crewe where we are staying the night before Kirsty Wiseman's Creative Photography Course...cannot wait. My scrapping stuff is all as usual I have overpacked, but I have no more time to whittle it down. Anyone who has seen me go to my local crop can confirm that I cannot under any circumstances travel what is the point in even trying.

Before we leave I have 2 clients to see, then I have to go and see Georgia and her class perform a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance, have coffee and biccies with her teacher Mrs Kirkpatrick...who is lovely. And then we have promised Georgia a McDonalds for tea before we set not much to cram into the day.

I am expecting a parcel in the morning before I leave containing my Troll Beads...cannot wait to add them to my bracelet...there are going to be a few Trolly/Dolly Beads girls on Saturday, so cannot wait to see all their lovely bracelets in person.

Anyway, enough for now, but get ready to see some fab pictures on Saturday/Sunday, depending on whether I can get internet access.


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