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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday...

Well I have now typed and tried to post this twice, and Blogger has lost it on both occasions, so here is the shortened version.

It stopped snowing, Georgia went back to school, the snow is now slushy and dirty.

I received an order from Artbase....but wanted the L,O,V & E letters in the Making Memories 8" Chipboard, but it seems everyone in the UK that sells them is out of stock of the E, so I have ordered from a US seller on eBay. I have a canvas project in the planning stages. The canvas is on order from The Works...and should be her next week.

All the UKScrappers and Troll Bead collectors reading this will know about Jacquie and her fabulous Dolly Beads. Well on Wednesday Jacquie released some Limited Edition Valentine Beads. I was lucky to order 3 (or so I thought) but sadly Paypal was going so slow that the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" bead managed to sell twice and the other purchasers payment arrived approx one minute before mine.......Darn Paypal. Anyway Jacquie was very apologetic and offered to make another for me, or I could have a refund, or chose a different bead from this weeks released. Well I chose to wait for her to make fingers crossed she will manage to do it over the weekend. I could have cried when I read her email, as I had set my heart on that when she offered to make another I was over the moon.

Anyway, bed is calling. We have a quiet weekend planned after all the rushing around last weekend. But in my usual style, I will leave you with something to look at. Here is a cute snow picture taken of Georgia yesterday morning.

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Nat xxx said...

Great pic!! What is up with Paypal at the mo?! It's taken about five days for a payment to clear when they suaully zip though instantly!! xxx