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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Road to Recovery...

I am feeling much better today, so much better that I actually went out to work. Today it was a small motorsport company based out near the Althorpe Estate in Northamptonshire. It is about a 45-50 minute journey out there. but when the weather is as lovely as it was today...the journey is very pleasant.

My Nikon SD800 Speedlight arrived from Amazon this morning, cannot believe it got here so quickly as I only ordered it on Wednesday evening. David is busy playing with it, trying to find out how to get the best out of it...looks like he will be reading up on it tonight.

I tried to get Dolly Bead from today, but they had already sold out by the time I managed to get online. It looks like Jaq's beads are the hottest thing around at the moment. I believe she released a new set of beads each Friday, so next week I better be on the ball if I want to add one to my rapidly growing collection. I say rapidly growing, as my Valentines, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday and Mothers Day Troll beads have already been ordered and will be with me next week. I did consider a themed colour bracelet, and then saw Jo's (BallooBear on UKS) bracelet and loved the eclectic mix of colours that hers watch this space.

I haven't managed much scrapping this week, considering half of it was actually spent on the sofa, so I will do my best to remedy that this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to visit my family down in Surrey, but not before I make a quick trip to Thorpe Park for the rescheduled "You Can Make It" show. I am not sure that I actually need anything, but want to get a look at the Stamp making systems and also the Wacom graphics tablets. The Sunday is the monthly Milton
Keynes Crop, I always enjoy the day, and come away with some lovely layouts.

Tonight I am going to try and finish the 7 Gypsies mini book that I started for David during the week. I will have to put the DVD back on to remind me of all the things I wanted to do with it.

I am going to leave you with another layout, as I do love to add a little colour to my Blog. This is a layout I did as part of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team. I had a Hambly Screen Print to use, and the rest was my own stash. The screen print was white with a silver outline, and I wanted it to be pink like cherry blossoms, so I tinted it with Pigment Pearls given to me by Kate (formerly of Scrapcanvas). Hope you like it.

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