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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mid Week Update...

Have been having a fab time with Georgia during half term. On Monday she went to play at a school friends house, as I had a client to go and see. On Tuesday we had such a brill day. First we went to lunch at McDonalds, which is something we do very rarely. Then onto the Cinema to see Charlotte's Web, which was absolutely brilliant. I can clearly remember reading the book as a child, and I am pleased to sa the film is just as good as I remember the book being. The sad part went right over Georgias' head, but had me in tears. After the film finished we popped into the centreMK, and into Claire's Accessories....Georgia does like all things pink and girly don't ya know. Finally we stopped by Krispy Kreme to buy David some Valentine Donuts....which were delish! Today we have been house bounds as David's car is in the garage and he has pinched mine. We spent lots of time tidying my Craft Room/Office, and although not finished, there is a huge improvement. While I was tidying Georgia was surfing away on the cbeebies website...such a talented little madam playing all the games. Tomorrow I am expecting the hand deliver of the Dolly Bead I ordered. Jacquie and her Husband will be in Milton Keynes, so are popping it through my door. In the afternoon Georgia and I have a tripped planned to Gambado's...which should help her to burn off some energy.

I received my March Design Team kit from ScrapaGoGo yesterday. It contains some lush DaisyD Modern Romance papers. Now these papers are not my usual style, so it took a bit of time to decide what to do with them. Anyway I sat in bed looking at them, and inspiration hit. The Layout is almost completed, I just need to make a trip to Costco to get some pictures printed. Tomorrow is operation send the kits out for Lorraine, and I know all those who subscribe will not be disappointed. I have subbed to the kit for almost a year, and February has been one of my favourite kits.

Anyway enough, I am sure I can hear my bed calling me. This is what happens everytime I tidy my Craft Room.....I want to stay in it and play or surf!

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