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Friday, November 09, 2007

Could today get any crapper!!!

Is it just me or does this happen to Mums and Dads up and down the country and all across the world! This morning Georgia was refusing to get ready for school. I heard comments like...I don't want to go to school....Nobody will be my friend at school....I don't like school....I'm too tired...I was up half the night. She wouldn't get dressed, or brush her hair despite me asking her over and over again. In the end we were late for school, since she has been at school (she is in year one, so a year ago in Sept), she has only been late once and off sick once. I ended up having to take her in through the main entrance and saw that she had missed registration, she refused to say goodbye to me despite the Headmaster encouraging her. In the end the stress of this morning had me blubbing in reception and the HM taking me into his office to chat. I told him what I have been going through each morning trying to get her to school. He said that he will get one of the staff to sit down with her and see if they can get to the bottom of things, basically to see if there really is a problem or whether she is just trying to get attention. All I know is that I can't take much more. I am supposed to be working today, but have had to call the client and say that I can't make it, I am so stressed and just can't stop fact I can hardly see the screen at the moment.

Am I alone, or does everyone go through this sort of thing in the the moment I feel like I am the only Mum in the world feeling like this....and it is NOT good...I don't think I have ever felt so alone, and I miss my Mum so much, if she were around I could call her and she would put it all back into perspective for me.


maz said...

Oh Caz it sounds trite but I know just what you're going through... I had months of this kind of thing with Oli- nay, years, except that in our case he ended up being very disruptive too -it's a long long story which ended up with us taking him out of school altogether...(don't panic, you won't end up like us -Oli has his special issues...)now everything is wonderful again...I cried buckets, day after day. On the positive side for you it sounds as if your Head is being supportive. It's so hard to do the right thing for your child especially when they don't always make it easy for you. I really hope you manage to get to the bottom of what is causing it, and that things lighten up soon. Let us know if you're feeling any better (or not, so we can give you more cyber hugs)
TTFN my new friend,
Maz x

Casey said...

Oh Caz! My heart is breaking for you. We homeschool, but there have been so many mornings when I just can't get one of my kids to do anything. My mom passed when I was 16, so I know how it feels to ache for that relationship.

I am sure that everything will turn out alright in the end. It sounds like the school is being very supportive and helpful.

When I get overwhelmed with the kids, I take a timeout for me. And I tell myself for just that moment or two all I have to do is breathe. The rest can wait a second.

You do what you got to do when you have to do it and the rest will take care of itself.

Lynsey said...

I'm having a Cr@p time at the moment too. Have been crying most of the day as well. we should have rung each other. Fancy going out for a hot choc later?