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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HS:MS Collect

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "collect", To bring or gather objects together. Find 'collect' in your space today.

Those who have known me for a long time know that I am a "collector". I usually always collect something. As a child I have collected scented/novelty erasers (known as rubbers when I was young), badges, keyrings, Beanie Babies (I was an adult by then), Cabbage Patch Dolls (cute ones from the US, not the ugly ones from my childhood), Lladro & Momiji Dolls. Since I started crafting/scrapbooking I have stopped collecting...well apart from Stash and the occasional Momiji.

So here is a picture of my Momiji dolls, and I will try to find a picture of my Cabbage Patch Dolls...just to prove they are quite cute.



Bobs said...

Cute dolls - both kinds!

That's also a cute shot of Georgia yesterday!

Marina said...

Love the little dolls I have a few that my dad used to bring back from japan :~) xx

Bambi said...

great collection!

Hazel said...

Super collections!

Deanne said...

I adore those momiji dolls, there gorgeous.
I had one of the first cabbage patch dolls - blimey thats taking me back abit - I called him Tiny Tim and he had a gorgeous brown suit! hehe

Angela said...

Love your collections. I've never heard of the momiji dolls, but they look really sweet and I love your photograph of them.

Aubrey Harns said...

Very cute doll collections! Great shots.

amandamagpie said...

Lovely collections, Caz. x

Rachael said...

Love those Momiji dolls they are so cute. Might have to look into starting a new collection. x