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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drama on a Thursday...

I was sitting in the lounge, minding my own business, drinking a cup of coffee when I noticed that Sweep, our female cat was up to something in the hall. So I get up to investigate and to my surprise she had a field mouse. I think she must have bought it in earlier this morning as I had just had a quick cuddle and she didn't have it then. She must have put it down in the hall and then it disappeared under a pile of shoes. Anyway I am sorry to say, no picture this time as I was worried that it would disappear into the house. Georgia wanted to keep it an now Sweep is wandering around the hall all dejected like she has lost her "play thing". This is not the first "play thing" she has bought home, we have had a baby bird, 2 frogs and now a field mouse, she is very accomplished in the art of catching things where as Sooty is afraid of his own shadow and would be scared of bird/frogs & field mice. Thankfully all but one "play thing" have left the house safely if a little shocked, the only exception was a frog that thought hiding under the mat by the front door was a good idea...maybe he was waiting politely to be let out, sadly he was a little thinner when he left as he got squished under said mat.

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