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Monday, November 19, 2007

Venture Pictures...

Well here they are, up on the wall. I love them, they may have cost an arm and a leg, and I will never do it again...I have to stay away from time I find a local independant photographer with a white studio and get them to take them.....but put aside the cost, and I still adore them.

With no daily prompt over on Her Space : My Space because Kirsty has been over to Holland visiting with Anita, I feel as though something has been missing from my day. I have found myself regularly checking the Blog to see if there has been a prompt posted...but nothing, nada, zilch....please come back ladies...we miss you.

The rest of this week is a little easier work wise, and hopefully this can continue into the new year as October was hellish. I can't believe we have slightly more than one month to Christmas and I have barely started shopping...although I don't actually have that many gifts to buy.

Tomorrow (fingers crossed) my December ScrapaGoGo Kit should arrive. I have a couple of planned items and cannot wait to get my hands on it and get if you are reading Danny (my Postman)...I he would be..heeheehee, then please deliver it to me tomorrow.

Anyway that's all for tonight folks...back tomorrow with more.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Well at least you will have these photos to enjoy forver. The arrangement is great and they look gorgeous on the wall. I can see why you were thrilled with them :-)