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Friday, November 30, 2007

HS:MS Soft

Todays texture on Her Space : My Space is "Soft", and things don't come any softer than my beautiful moggie "Sweep". She is the most adorable kitty. She is definately a Momma's cat, and will curl up on my lap and purr till her hearts content...licking me with her rough little tongue. Her coat is somewhere between long and short hair and feels like velvet to the touch. Her brother "Sooty" is a different story, he is incredibly nervous around people and will escape out of the cat flap the minute Georgia comes into the house, or when we have visitors and only returns when she is asleep or they have left. His fur is much shorter and not so soft & fluffy.

Georgia came home the other day with a note from school asking for a sheep costume for the school play, now they did't say you had to buy anything, but Georgia didn't have anything that I could use (most of her clothes are pink...and I have never seen a pink sheep). So I knew I had seen a sheep costume in Asda so yesterday I popped it...but they had sold them all. So I decided to try Tesco as it was just round the corner. As I go up the escalator I can see Angel costumes hanging up....but can't see anything else. As I rounded the corner I finally saw that they had some sheep costumes and they were 20% cost me just £4.80...what a bargain.

Have a busy day again today, so better get going. Back later.


Linda said...

love the moggie photo!

Jen said...

aaw, gorgeous!

Bobs said...

Such a beautiful kitty cat!

Bambi said...

soft and cuddly (^_^)

amandamagpie said...

Oh, that makes me miss my little cat! I remember her sitting and purring on my lap and being so soft and lovely. I have just gone through the same thing with school - note sent home on Tuesday saying my son needs an elf costume for Monday. Traipsed round all the supermarkets yesterday, but they had sold out - managed to get one from Woolworths, thank goodness! x

maz said...

You'll have to see my SPS tomoz to see what costume I've had to hunt down this week- couldn't resist trying it on!
My Miller (labradoodle) would love Sweep, but in a way that Sweep maybe wouldn't appreciate.... lovely pic!

Aubrey Harns said...

She looks sweet & soft and ohhh so content! Great shot.