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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is SOS over on Her Space : My Space, so here is a picture I took of Georgia yesterday after her fancy dress party. Can you believe the size of that balloon....and I had to blow it up...unaided.

Today has been spent doing odd jobs and watching Zoe 101 and Hannah Montanna with Georgia.

I collected my Venture pics yesterday and I am so pleased with them, once they are on the wall I will take a photo and post.



Hazel said...

That's some balloon!! Great SOS

Gemma* said...

that balloon's huge - don't fancy trying to blow that one up :)

Charli said...

I think Id collapse after blowing that balloon up Caz - mind you, my Shamus isnt that keen on them!! Lovely pic - bet those venture pics are great too x

Jenga said...

Wow that is a mother of a balloon!! LOL

Maaike said...

what a great photos you posted! love the cheeky dolls and what a lovely clearalbum.