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Saturday, November 03, 2007

HS:MS Self Portrait Saturday...

Well normally it is SPS over on HS:MS, but it seems that nothing has been posted yet...isn't that just typical on the first ever day I have actually spent time taking a flippin' picture of myself.

Oh well, here it is. I tried for ages, and this was one of my better attempts.

Not much on today, David is working 7am-7pm and I have to take Georgia to a birthday party this afternoon. If I am lucky I may get a couple of hours to myself as I think for the first time I am not going to stay and help at the party.



Angela said...

Me too! Probably the only day I've ever done my sps this early!

Love yours though, love your hair :-)

Enjoy your quiet couple of hours.

Diana said...

Hee hee at least we are all around posting anyway. love your SP today it's good to seeyou. By the way my nails are my own and the gel is just on the top and sort of protects them!!!

Bambi said...

nice composition (^_^)

Coley said...

This picture looks great - well worth the effort! x