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Friday, November 09, 2007

TFI Friday!!!

I am glad we are almost at the weekend, I am feeling pretty knackered this week, although I still have a busy weekend to look forward to. Friday I am taking Georgia to a Halloween party...a little late I know, but the hosts sister was in hospital having a baby a little earlier than anticpated due to pre eclampsia...thankfully both are doing well now so the party is on. I am sure Geoorgia will be a cat....AGAIN.

Sunday is the MKScrappers November Crop, and I am looking forward to getting some layouts/projects completed. This month my intention is to take just projects I want to complete together with the just a couple of extras, as I always take too much. Now whether I actually manage to do that remains to be seen...but at least I will be trying...and I deserve points for that...LOL

Yesterday after school I popped to Jessops and bought a new lens. We wanted a prime lens, something for portraits and that would be good indoors when the light is not always ideal. After some investigation it seemed that all recommendations were pointing at a Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8. So I have played a little last night and it is a lovely little lens, and such a reasonable price too...there are not many Nikon Lenses on the market with a price tag of under £100. So now we have spent our Xmas money from David's Mum and Dad, they always give it to us early so that we can get something we want before Xmas so that we can play with it all over Xmas...just like Kids. So far the results are good, although we still have only had a little play.

I am waiting to see what emotion will be the prompt over on Her Space : My Space, this week has been really difficult capturing emotions through your lens without using faces.


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