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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ok, so I mentioned Venture and the pictures we had taken a week ago today. Well here is a picture of the frame/range we chose. The pictures obviously aren't of us, becuase this came from the Venture website, but you can see what we have ordered.

The range is called Metro Strata, and come is a choice of 5 (1 12x12 & 4 7x7's) or 9 (2 12x12 & 7 7x7's) we chose the 9 option as we loved so many of the shots.

Today is show off Sunday over on HS:MS and I love this picture of Georgia and one of her best friends Hannah. It was taken over the half term when we went bowling and to see Ratatouille, this was just after 2 games of bowling and the girls were exhausted, but HAPPY!



Bobs said...

Super funky picture frames there, Caz! Woweeee.

Love the shot of Georgia and her friend.

Mary said...

Love the photos frames you have chosen - they will look fab! Hope we get to see yours up there soon.

Georgia and friend look cool!

Hazel said...

Beautiful picture of Georgia and Hannah - they look so good and happy together.

Jenga said...

Aww cute girlies :D great shot

Anonymous said...

Love that layout of the pics. Beautiful girls there.

Angela said...

Beautiful picture of your daughter and her friend :-)

Love the frame arrangement you chose!

Diana said...

Great shot of the girls and love that frame thing!!