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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday Pastimes...

All day David has been playing with his new toy/baby...his Nikon D200. I can see he is really pleased that we got him his own camera, although he says I can borrow it...occasionally...LOL
I am really looking forward to having pictures to scrap that I haven't taken. He used to be a keen photographer, even developing his own black and white photos in his little studio at his parent house. So it is good to see him persuing his interest again, it seems his passion for photography has been re-ignited.

I have also been crafting today, I have made some paper blooms and also been playing with my shrink plastic. I stamped and coloured some flowers. Will show you them tomorrow when it is light enough for photos. I have also been working on my Painting with Light assignment. This week we are "Looking for Light". I have worked out how to do it, and now I just want to find a couple of interesting shots. I think I will have another go tomorrow afternoon/evening.

I have processed a few shots from Woburn Safari Park, and will upload them shortly.

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