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Friday, August 10, 2007

Lucky GoGo Girlies....

Well being a member of the ScrapGoGo Design Team is reward enough in itself. But this time Lorraine and Janice have surpassed themselves. Today I received my lush September kit, containing the gorgeous Heidi Grace products, and inside the box was a Happy 2nd GoGo Birthday present. Lorraine and Janice had commissioned Jaquie of to make us all a GoGo Dolly Bead. And here it lucky are we...
So Thursday was spent at home, mostly with Georgia & I watching craft day on QVC. I would be broke if I bought every item of sparkly bling that Georgia said she wanted. That girl is a magpie...if it is sparkly or glittery...or even both...she wants it. So I ordered a couple of bits, but nothing extravagant. So if you were watching at all yesterday, what did you order? tell me...I want to know I wasn't alone!

My Karen Russell kit also arrived yesterday, and it is gorgeous. It comes with a fab CD to take you through the making of the book. Hopefully I will get a chance to play over the weekend as it is the MKScrappers Monthly Crop.

The Postal strikes are beginning to p**s me off. While I understand that they feel it is the only way they are heard, it is awfully hard to bare when you are waiting for a van full of parcels...well half a van full. I am waiting on approx 16 parcels (many are small). I really hope some of them turn up today, but I am not holding out much hope. I believe the Special Delivery of my Cricut Carrying Tote will make it through, as RM, in the case of SD, are obliged to deliver the service you pay I should have at least one.

I also collected my new filters from Jessops this week. I got a UV filter (mainly to protect the lense) and also a polorizing circle filter. Hopefully I will get a chance to use it while Georgia and I are in Suffolk at the beginning of next week. We are also going to the Northampton Hot Air Balloon Festival on Saturday plenty of photo opportunities to be had.

Oh well, bed is calling. Georgia and I have a lot on much fun..Shrek the Third here we come...

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Jen said...

oooh, nice bead, lucky you!
you have been tagged rocking girl blogger :)