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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wow what fun...

We have had the most amazing few days. On Tuesday the weather decided not to be kind to us, and it rained on and off all day. So we took ourselves to Woodbridge to a pottery painting place called "Jars of Clay" where we spent three glorious hours painting. Georgia decided that she wanted to paint one of the most expensive items...a fairy on a unicorn, and nothing I said or did could persuade her to choose a less expensive for the quiet life I gave in. Well she did a lovely job. I chose a house shaped plate and a handbag money box...had such fun and can't wait for them to be delivered sometime next week. Lorraine chose a mug, with raised flowers and painted them in GoGo colours, Harry chose a dinosaur mug, and he did an excellent job. Both Zoe & Kirsty chose plates, and they create some wonderful work. After a quick walk around the rest of the town we headed back to Lorraine's where Georgia, Kirsty & Harry played on the Wii. Georgia beat Kirsty at bowling on the Wii...much to Kirsty's surprise....she said she was actually trying too....LOL. We spent the whole evening chatting, surfing and generally playing, and finished off with a lovely Curry that I went and got from the award winning Indian restaurant in Framlingham. Finally at about 10.30pm we said goodnight and made our way back to the B&B leaving Lorraine and the Girls to prepare for their trip to London the following day.

So Wednesday was check out day, and after a lovely breakfast, Georgia and I packed the car and took the 40 minute drive to Aldeburgh to spend the day at the beach. Well while it was not that hot (it was pretty windy) the weather was relatively kind to us. We walked along the front, stopping briefly for a Hot Chocolate with marshmallows...yum yum. We then had a look in a couple of shops and walked down to the other end of the seafront and had Fish & Chips on the beach. Now they were totally delicious....Fish & Chips always taste that much better by the sea. After collecting a few pebbles on the beach we walked back down the seafront stopping for IceCream back near the car. We decided that before we headed home we would take a few pictures on the that I could try out my new polarizing lense....and check out the results..I took some with and some without so that I could show you the difference...and will post them on Friday evening.

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