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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Feel Good Workshop - Painting With Light

Well I signed up and it starts in a couple of days. I still need to load my success and failure photos and take a portrait, and read my really prepared. I really must get my butt in gear and get onto it before the 10 week course starts.

Took a little trip out this afternoon to Hobbycraft to get myself some Fimo, so this evening I have been having fun making Fimo Buttons. I am also working on a project with the September ScrapaGoGo kit, something a little different, almost in the vein of Ann and her altered "Thickers". I can't show it at the moment, but the month seems to fly by, so it won't be long.

Tomorrow I am working for a few hours. One of the Accountants I work for referred me to one of his clients to do some QuickBooks training. Now I am no expert, but I managed to find my way around for a nice large hourly rate I am going to go and help them get set up. So I better get off to bed.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha fimo buttons eh ;-)

Ann said...

ooh can't wait to see your buttons mrs!