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Monday, August 13, 2007

Slight change of plans...

Well as the weather had cooled considerably we decided to abandon fish & chips in Aldeburgh and instead we went to a restaurant in Ipswich. Harry and Georgia had great fun playing in the kids area....boy were they all hot and sweaty. The two of them decided that they didn't want a dessert...they just wanted to get back to the play area. Now I knew the minute Georgia saw my Chocolate Indulgence dessert that she would want to share...which was my plan all along as I rarely manage to finish a whole dessert. One thing I hadn't bargained on was Harry joining in on the my dessert became a three way split....with me getting the smallest share.

Not sure what our plans for tomorrow are....all I know is that Harry has instructed us to come to his house as soon as we can. Lorraine has to make a quick visit to see Phil aka her Dentist. She is the only woman I know who knows her Dentist by his first name...LOL. I think we are planning a trip so somewhere with indoor as well as outdoor areas so that we have a place to shelter if it decides to rain...which I am sure it will for at least part if not all of the day.

Ok, to bed I go...seems Georgia is now in the land of I can go and join her in the bed.

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Zoe said...

Peter Caz Peter the dentist! he might have something to say if we called him Phil! lol